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Gracepoint Santa Barbara | Summer Recap

I know that many of the semester system schools have been in full-swing for more than a month now, but the school year has just started at many of our quarter system schools have just finished their first weeks of classes. This is a video from Gracepoint Santa Barbara, recapping the many things that happened this summer.

Bible Project Videos

Breakpoint recently featured a group called “The Bible Project” and their work to help people understand the Bible through sketch-note videos. I’ve included their first video, on Genesis 1-11 – I hope their work can help us as we all try to delve deeper into God’s Word.
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Mt. Olympic National Park | Gracepoint Seattle

Check out this recap video from Gracepoint Seattle – the weather in the video actually looks quite beautiful, but let’s keep them in our prayers as they prepare to brave the rain in order to plant a church at the University of Washington campus!

Corinthians Study Videos for Gracepoint Churches

Here are two videos that Pastor Daniel Kim (now back at our Gracepoint Berkeley Church) put together using his tablet for our ministries. He was featured in other videos, such as this one of him, Pastor Ed Kang, and the other Gracepoint pastors playing a game of “Pastor Ball”, but in this video he’s using his talents as a narrator and cartoonist to help us all get trained up in the Bible. Thanks Pastor Daniel!

It’s the Sun’s Life

Farewell rap video for Tony and Michelle, in honor of their 30 years of faithfulness here in Berkeley, as they join the San Diego church.

Tony & Michelle: Normal Versus

We sent off Tony and Michelle to Gracepoint San Diego with a fun video that captures their well-known quirks!