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Latest Videos


It’s the Sun’s Life

Farewell rap video for Tony and Michelle, in honor of their 30 years of faithfulness here in Berkeley, as they join the San Diego church.

Tony & Michelle: Normal Versus

We sent off Tony and Michelle to Gracepoint San Diego with a fun video that captures their well-known quirks!

“Best of” Thanksgiving Celebrations

Never been to Thanksgiving Celebration? Check out this trailer! Be prepared to laugh, to cry (for one reason or another), to remember the past year, and most of all, to fellowship with others!

What is an Acts 2 Church?

What does an Act 2 Church look like?  View this to find out more…

Geriatric Basketball League

The 40+ take on the Element boyz in an epic basketball match!

Pastor Ball

Check out this video highlighting the sporting prowess of some of our Gracepoint pastors.  Thanks to Kenny for bringing us this footage!