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Kung Fu Squirrels Showdown

For those of you who’ve seen Kung Fu Panda or Karate Kid, you’ve seen how many Chinese martial arts moves are inspired by animals, such as “the Crane Kick” or “the Mantis Technique.” After I saw this video, I wondered why I’ve never heard of “the Squirrel Technique,” because these two squirrels really look like they’re doing some serious kung fu on each other! Someone needs to add some “Huang Fei Hong” music to this video. 🙂

Tickle Me Elmo Laughing Hysterically

Here is a hilarious video of the “Tickle Me Elmo,” demonstrating the life-like laugh of this toy. A few years ago, this was the must-have toy during Christmas, and I remember hearing of these being completely sold out at stores. Some retailers even went as far as hiking up the prices to a few hundred dollars. It’s a pretty funny toy, though I’m not so sure parents would really want to put up with the endless sound of Elmo’s laughter. 🙂

YouTube Preview Image