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Videos that have to do with Gracepoint Riverside.

Normal Vs. | Brian and Michelle

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to bring everyone a video from the archives – this video is about Brian and Michelle who are currently serving at Gracepoint Irvine. In case you’re wondering, Brian never did dress up as Batman during his time at Gracepoint Riverside, but he did often wear a Batman shirt.

Unstoppable God + Our God Reigns | Gracepoint Riverside

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s the music video that Gracepoint Riverside ended their video with at this last year’s Thanksgiving Retreat. Hope it encourages you as we remember the reality that our God really is unstoppable and that he does indeed reign.

What is an Acts 2 Church?

What does an Act 2 Church look like?¬† View this to find out more…

Geriatric Basketball League

The 40+ take on the Element boyz in an epic basketball match!

Pastor Ball

Check out this video highlighting the sporting prowess of some of our Gracepoint pastors.  Thanks to Kenny for bringing us this footage!

Joyland Christmas Celebration 2013 Intro

Check out the intro video for this year’s JCC – featuring the children at our Austin, Minneapolis, Riverside, San Diego, and LA churches. With this I just want to say a big thank you to all of our Joyland teachers and JCC volunteers for making this year’s JCC possible!