Louie Giglio – Laminin

Here is a message given by Louie Giglio, who is a pastor and a co-founded of the Passion movement, and works with Christian musicians like Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman. In this message, entitled “How Great is Our God,” he talks about an amazing molecule in our body called laminin to illustrate how God truly holds our lives together.

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8 thoughts on “Louie Giglio – Laminin”

  1. Absolutely Amazing.. i am blown away.. i am saved by the Grace of God.. but being human, doubts sometimes cloud my mind.. I believe that God sends these small messages to relight my hearts fire.. & Praise God, it DOES!!! Thank you for this.. ive been dealing with some personal demons.. & God Always, not sometimes but ALWAYS, shows up right when i need Him most.. & its usually thru people or messages like this.. it was a blessing for me tonight.. Thank You & God Bless

  2. Sir you are always welcome in our place,anytime..hint hint.I am from South Africa and I really appreciate your messages!I too am saved by grace.

  3. I would really like to visit one of your wonderful meetings one day,I am amazed at the way you are being used to prepare the way of the Lord Jesus;people have no excuse once they have heard your faith filled messages!

  4. WOW…. This is pretty awesome.Thank you for sharing this with us.May the Lord continue to Bless you to keep doing what you do best and making a difference. Thank you once again.

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